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Philip Smith is a master maker of stringed instruments and their bows. A master of refined artistry and exquisite tones from his master crafted bows and instruments. One of Australia's finest luthiers!







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Philip Smith

After many years of playing along on other people's projects, some good, some great and some ... , I have formed myself a very small unconducted string orchestra. Its essentially a string quartet with double bass. I have uncovered several very talented musicians looking for a playing opportunity and we had our first rehearsal last week. We are enjoying the intimate ensemble, but may expand if required. We fancy ourselves as a


, and hope to invite soloists to join us to play. If you fancy yourself as a soloist, and have something that you would love to perform and would like an opportunity to perform, give me a call.

I finally understand my father's love of print music. The arrival of the above repertoire last week was very exciting. I find myself continuing to search for interesting musical possibilities.

Viola in progress: My tone wood supplier in Germany spent a couple of weeks searching through his racks for this highly figured one piece maple viola wood. Based on the Andrea Gaurneri Conte Vitale 1676, it is a larger model at 16 1/4 inches with broad centre bout which should result in power and projection, at a yet manageable size.

Bass bow baguettes: BAM!

Much anticipated, long awaited, procured via a process involving nothing less than bureaucratic insanity. Number 1 Bass bow is long overdue but now underway, for my long-suffering maestro. It won't be long now Michael, I promise.


Philip Smith

This week saw travel south to the capital for an interview for a Churchill Fellowship. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least.  This luthier is more comfortable in a workshop behind a plane than making public presentations, but did his best and took the double bass along for moral support. The applicants had to make a ten minute presentation to a panel of 9 people around a boardroom table, after which they are peppered with questions. The reception by the panel was quite warm and most of the questions they fired had been anticipated but who knows? Great references and the double bass hopefully gave me an edge.

This week's musical selection in the workshop is featuring

Alberto Ginastera


Variaciones Concertantes

. Check variation 11 for 'shredding' bass solo.

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