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Philip Smith is a master  maker of stringed instruments and their bows. A master of refined artistry and exquisite tones from his master crafted bows and instruments. One of Australia's finest luthiers!



Maker Restorer Repairs Sales of Violin Viola Cello Double Bass and their Bows
Traditional and Baroque
Tasmania Australia

January - Work In Progress - Cello and Violin

Philip Smith

Great progress has been made working on the commissions through Christmas and New Year. Weather in Tasmania has been unpredictable at best. It certainly hasn't felt like summer yet. This has provided me with good conditions for getting some work done.

Currently working on a cello and its really getting somewhere. This one is my own interpretation of a Mantagnana cello. It has a slightly diminished width yet attempting to retain the essence of the Master's model. I am aiming for a player-friendly version yet retaining the robust, earthy tones associated with Montagnana.

This commissioned violin uses my preferred Guarneri model, the 1742 'Alard'. I am currently tuning the plates and its not there yet but coming along nicely.

Now cello no.5, in the form of tonewood from Germany, is sitting in Customs and I need to fill in forms and negotiate for its early release, not to mention paying them a small fortune for the privilege. One of my least favourite jobs.