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Philip Smith is a master maker of stringed instruments and their bows. A master of refined artistry and exquisite tones from his master crafted bows and instruments. One of Australia's finest luthiers!





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Philip Smith

It has been a long time between posts, hasn't it? I have been up to my ears in some very interesting and challenging work which I plan to update you with over the next few posts. The most exciting news I have to tell you is that I am having a new workshop, or atelier, as I prefer it to be known, built for me. The work is progressing fast and as it gets closer the excitement is building. This space will be a lot bigger than my little shop, (which is not difficult, as many of you know, my shop is approximately the size of a postage stamp). The new space will have lots of natural light, proper insulation and the opportunity for my customers to make appointmetnts to visit and receive my undivided attention without interruption by random drops-ins trying to convince me to change my name to Stradivarius. I won't miss the other random interruptions from off-chance passers by that are always right in the middle of  things like a delicate gluing or varnishing processes. You wouldn't believe the number of people who drop in just to enquire, with incredulous looks on their faces, as to whether or not I could possibly make any money out of this work. Very encouraging!

I have been in my little shop at the "Paris end of St John St" for ten years, almost, and it has been sad to see this building bought by a developer with little sympathy for the heritage of the building. The recent redevelopment has changed the old and quirky character of this block and diminished the space available for my work and so it seems like the perfect opportunity to bite the bullet and move to a new and bigger space.  I'll miss the neighbours though, Graham the horologist, the Milkbar guys who have fed and kept me in coffee for the last few months and the other interesting and diverse small business owners that operate on this end of the street.

I am yet to set the date for the move but will post it here and contatc all my customers once that has been confirmed.

Meanwhile the Philip Smith Luthier atelier progresses and I am looking forward to working and welcoming you there. Here are some pics of the work so far.